Yoga Arts teaches a systematic and complete Hatha Yoga method based primarily on the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar. Our method emphasizes precision, alignment and the union of posture, breath and awareness. Students may progress from basics to more advanced levels as they increase flexibility, strength, endurance and understanding. The practice becomes naturally and progressively more challenging.
Daily classes consist of Yoga postures of increasing complexity with approximately 12 minutes of deep relaxation at the end of class. Postures are carefully sequenced to prepare your body for more difficult positions and to prevent injury. Therefore it is important to arrive on time. Classes are
1 hour 15 min. in length, unless otherwise indicated.

Before class

  • Upon entering class present your pass or tuition.22-back
  • Place your valuables in the designated areas.
  • Turn off sound devices such as pagers and cell phones.
  • Take needed props before class & put them away neatly at the end.
  • You may want to have your own personal yoga mat. There are some mats & straps for your use in the studio.
  • We all come to class with different levels of abilities. Please focus on your own practice and resist the urge to be competitive.

Safety & Hygiene

  • It is advisable to refrain from eating for about 2 hours before class.footout
  • If you have any health or physical problems it is advised that you talk to the teacher before class. The teacher may be able to help you and offer suggestions as to how to modify a given posture.
  • If you tend to perspire profusely during class, bring a small towel.
  • Refrain from using fragrances or perfumes, as some people are allergic to them.
  • No eating or chewing gum in class.



  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for full range of motion. Shorts, footless leotards etc.
  • Feet should be bare. Leave shoes and socks by the entrance.

During class

  • Keep talk to a minimum.front2
  • Try to perform the postures exactly as presented by the teacher. Ask for assistance if you need to modify a given pose.
  • If you must leave early, let the instructor know and do so before the relaxation period. Take a couple of minutes to close your practice.
  • To attend the intermediate, advanced classes & work shops you need to have prior experience or consult with the instructor.
  • Class concludes with a few seconds of silent meditation, followed by the placing of hands together in the prayer position and saying: namaste (I bow to the light within) to the teacher.
  • If you have any doubts or questions during class, please ask.
  • Remember to breath through the postures and avoid holding the breath.
  • Yoga is demanding, challenging and rewarding. But it can also be FUN!


  • Our insurance requires that each student sign a waiver acknowledging full responsibility for one’s personal health and safety.



Class/Session Prices

$12 per individual class

The Yoga Pass sells for $100

The Yoga Pass allows for 10 uses within 10 weeks.  Thus the effective class price is $10 per session.


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